Natural Stone Sink Touch in Bathroom


Natural Stone Sink Touch in Bathroom

If you want to include natural stone sink models in your bathroom designs, you can browse the different model options available in our company. Together with the designs produced by natural stone masters, we offer you special solutions.

What Should I Pay Attention to While Choosing a Natural Stone Sink?

    Since there are modern or classic washbasin models, you must first decide which style you want to reflect in your bathroom. Then you can determine the connecting parts and get a beautiful look. For example; The faucet mixer to be used should also be preferred in accordance with the sink.


You can choose color and model according to the general style prevailing in your bathroom. You can choose designs that are suitable for your bathroom among oval, square or ellipse models. Our site includes a variety of products suitable for every style and is designed specifically for you.


    If you want to create a vintage or rustic style and get historical touches in your bathroom, Travertine Washbasin models will be a much better choice for you. You can catch the simple and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom by using Travertine breeze with wooden furniture with matte touches.

How Should Natural Stone Washbasin Care Be?

    One of the biggest reasons for choosing natural stone sinks in homes and workplaces is that it is easy to maintain and clean. It does not require maintenance for many years. It is not recommended to clean with chemical products in order not to spoil the texture of the stones. It can be scratched if it is wiped with abrasive materials such as wire. As the most effective cleaning method, it is recommended to clean with water and liquid soap after use.

Will the product I ordered be damaged in cargo?

    As a company, we care about your satisfaction and offer you special solutions. Your orders of “natural stone sink” to be sent to you by the contracted cargo company are delivered to you with insurance. Until your order reaches you, it is under the guarantee of Marble Market Design. We recommend that you check the product first when the product is delivered to you by cargo, and record a report in case of problems. Thus, we can resolve the situation. You can contact us to reach the model of your dreams as soon as possible.