What is Marble ? Where is Marble Used ?


What is Marble ?

    Marbles in general; limestone (CaCO3) and dolomitic limestones (CaMg (CO3) 2) are stones formed by metamorphism under heat and pressure, gaining a new structure as a result of recrystallization. In an industrial sense; All kinds of rocks of commercial value that can be cut and polished are called marble. Petrographically marbles; It is a massive, roughly uniform (according to the shape of metamorphism it has undergone), a mosaic where it is resurrected without leaving any gap between the calcite crystals. It is a hard rock formed by limestone, which is referred to as marble limestone, undergoing metamorphism.

     This general metamorphism occurs quite deep under the influence of severe pressure and temperature. It is composed of limestone calcite crystals, which form the basis of marble. Calcite consists of changes of calcium stones, sediments in karstic regions. Marble is formed by the compression of these calcite crystals.

    Since the spaces between the crystals disappear under pressure and temperature, it has a harder structure than limestone.

    If we define the marble in a daily language after its official definition, it is a natural   stone that is used in its simplest form from past to present. Although there are many   different types of natural stone that can be used in living spaces and many construction   projects today, marble is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to natural   stone. The feature that distinguishes marble from many other natural stones is that it is   the most resistant and widespread in use.

Where is Marble Used ?

    Marble can be used in many different fields. There is no specific criterion for this. Even when looking at the architectural structures and buildings in the oldest dates, it can be observed that they have quite a lot of usage. In ancient times, marble, etc. As it is known, the building materials that can be used in construction projects other than natural stones were quite limited. For this reason, it can be said that marble structures are more common.


    Today, with the development of industry and   technology, the building and construction sector has   changed direction as well, and reinforced concrete   structures have begun to be built. However, marble is still   used frequently in buildings and living areas.

     Today, marble continues to shape building designs and   decorate living spaces. Marble can be used in many   forms. It continues to be used in different sizes and   models in many different building areas such as floor   coverings, stair treads, windowsill handrails and wall   coverings.


   It is also normal that you can find marble in any product form nowadays by going beyond all these flooring forms. As an example to these; sink, bathhouse, flowerpot, vase, fountain, fireplace, blasting mosaic, decorative minimal products, bathroom and kitchen accessories etc. We can show the products.

     In order to get the best results especially in architectural designs, marble coverings and upholstery are frequently preferred in luxury buildings. Being able to appeal to both sophisticated tastes and modern trends in each period distinguishes marble from building materials produced with the help of all other chemicals.


    Of course, there are living spaces in the interior architecture, where everyone can   make marble decor and designs. One of the best examples of this is the bathroom   design and the other can be a living room wall decoration. If you want to have more   ideas, you can immediately discover our marble sink models for your dream   bathroom design, and our marble wall covering stones for your living room walls   and behind the TV unit walls; you can easily create your online order ...