Cancellation and Refund Conditions


I canceled the order before my order was shipped, how many days will my money be returned?

    For the refund process, your request for a refund to the credit card is processed on the same day by Marble Constraction Design. The average return period of the banks is 3 days. If your money still doesn't appear in your account after 3 days; Please call Marble Construction Market Design on 0232 276 75 10 and inform that the return is not processed. Your money will be deposited to your account within 7 days at the latest in returning the sales made via bank transfer / eft.

Who do I need to contact when I stop purchasing any product / whole basket after making the payment on my website or by phone?

    In such a case, you can contact our customer representative by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 0232 276 75 10 Mermer Yapi Market Design. If your order has been paid and the products have not been shipped, your order will be canceled immediately.

Is it possible to cancel the order after the products are shipped?

    Products that are special to the order, according to the dimensions and information given by you, or "Special Order" that are not in stock, cannot be returned or canceled 24 hours after placing an order, unless there is a production error.

    All of our natural stone products such as marble steps, marble flooring, windowsill, blast mosaic, marble, natural stone, bath basins and sinks are manufactured to order, except for mass produced or in stock products, so these products have manufacturing defects, wrong, It cannot be refunded unless it is produced incomplete or different colors and sizes.

    In products without special orders, when your order is shipped, the product selection and payment has been made by you and all products have set out with the cargo company, that is, our intervention limit has passed. If you want to cancel after the product is shipped, the only action you can do is to return the products in the order. You can also return the product instantly by not taking the product from the staff who brought your cargo, only the shipping cost will be deducted from the payment made.

    To cancel your orders that are not special orders and shipped, you should call Marble Yapi Market Design on 0232 276 75 10. If the products are shipped, the only action you can take is to return the products. You can return your order immediately by not taking the product from the staff who brought your cargo. The product price is returned to the customer in the returns made in the orders placed in the cargo. (Shipping cost is not refundable)


What are your return conditions? How should I proceed in return transactions?

    You can return the product using your right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving non-special products. You must apply for a refund within 30 days to return the products that have received defective or flawed or defect to you, to the exchange. You can also return the products you ordered from the internet directly to the door without taking delivery from the cargo staff. If you call Marble Building Market Design number 0232 276 75 10 for returns made after receiving the products, a suitable time will be determined and the products will be removed from you.

What are the products for which the right of withdrawal is not valid?

Products produced specially to the person at the request of the buyer and made personal by making changes or additions.

They are products that are not suitable for return.

All Natural Stone, Travertine, Marble, Marble and Natural Stone Sinks, Kurnalar, Floor and Wall Stones you see on our website are produced for "Order-Specific".

    In accordance with the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, "Order-Specific" products are not returned. In some of the products, the possibility of exchange or return is made according to the customer satisfaction of Marble Yapı Market Design, but shipping or shipping fees are not refunded in return, exchange operations.

 What is Custom Made?

    All Natural Stone, Travertine, Marble, Marble and Natural Stone Sinks, Kurnalar, Floor and Wall Stones you see on our website are produced for "Order-Specific".

    Since these products you order are produced according to the quantity, color and dimensions you place, these products cannot be returned. However, you can also return production defects, incomplete or possible faulty products of different sizes, such product orders must be made in writing. Please ask for a written confirmation mail or fax, even when ordering by phone.

 Return Conditions;

> The customer must apply with the invoice, all parts of the product and, if applicable, the warranty certificate.

> Returns must be made in their original box or packaging.

> The right of return cannot be used for products that are personalized by making changes or additions.

> For the products that are understood to be "user error (abuse)" as a result of the technical service review, the product can be taken back and returned. If electronic products are used, a service report is needed.

> In cases where the customer uses the right to return, informs that the wrong color, type is sent or the products are damaged, the returned items must be unused, unopened and all parts must be complete.

> Return of single-use products that are intact, have lost their re-merchantability and cannot be purchased by another customer.

I paid my purchase with x credit card. Can you make the refund to my credit card?

    The credit card to be returned must be the credit card used during shopping. Under no circumstances can a refund be made to a different credit card.

What are the warranty terms of your products?


The warranty documents of the products covered by the warranty will be sent to you with the product and you can find all the warranty terms of the product on the warranty documents.


What should I do if the product is broken or the packaging is damaged?


If there is any damage in the boxes where the products are delivered, definitely record the company personnel coming from the cargo company and check the products one by one and get them. If you find any damage to the products itself, take the damaged product to the cargo company personnel without taking delivery and indicate whether you want to replace or return the product you did not receive in the minutes.

I did not notice when I received the order, but when I opened the boxes, I found that one of the delivered products was damaged. How should I proceed?

    Before the products are packed and sent to you, Marble Structure is brought together by Market Design, passed the necessary checks and packed and sent to you. However, in case there is a product that is overlooked and delivered to you in a damaged manner, please check all the products you ordered during delivery and check for damaged products. If you find any damage to the products themselves, take the damaged product to the personnel of the cargo company and indicate whether you want to replace or return the product and the product you did not receive. If you notice the damage to the product after delivery, call Marble Construction Market Design immediately on 0232 276 75 10 and our customer representative will help you.